How to Attend Concerts and Mass Events and Stay Safe

 How to Attend Concerts and Mass Events and Stay Safe

The CDC announced in May that all people who are fully vaccinated can do without face masks outdoors. Many interpreted it as a call to return to normality. Although many remained skeptical, soon the massive events returned. Stadiums were reopened for sports fans, and parks were once again host to huge festivals. Everything that once seemed so far away, little by little returned to our lives. The images of tens of thousands of people gathered in one place were shocking to some, as it’s all we dodged for 14 months. Although preventive measures have been taken, many are not sure how safe it is to attend these events. Many want to see their favorite bands play live or support their teams in stadiums again, but they want to know how to stay as safe as possible.

Are we back to normal?

As the number of vaccinated people increased, venues and events began to reopen.

In what seemed a short time, the mythical Lollapalooza returned to Chicago, which housed 385,000 people between July 29 and August 1. Grant Park witnessed headliners like Limp Bizkit, Foo Fighters, Miley Cyrus, Post Malone, and many others. After last year it had to be canceled.

Seeing so many people crowded worried many and some opinions weren’t as positive. However, weeks after the festival, Chicago Health officials reported only 203 cases of Covid-19 related to Lollapalooza.

Of all of them, no case led to hospitalization or death. Taking into account the magnitude of the event, the results are quite encouraging.

The authorities stated that these figures were as expected. The attendants had to show a vaccination proof or a negative Covid-19 test with a maximum of 72 hours. The authorities also claimed that 90% of the people were vaccinated.

The NBA, MLB, MLS, and NFL have all started allowing fans to attend stadiums. We have already witnessed great sporting events like the NBA Finals and the World Series with audiences in the stands.

Hundreds of artists and bands have announced world tours between the rest of 2021 until 2023. If you check your calendar, you will see a schedule quite full of massive events.

What can you do to stay safe at crowded events?

The first thing you should know is that all these events are fairly safe according to authorities since otherwise, they would not be allowed. Most of these are held in open spaces, such as roofless stadiums or parks, so it complies with the CDC guidelines. In addition, as in Lollapalooza, vaccination cards and negative COVID-19 tests will always be required.

Some venues require the use of the mask, although, in others, this is still optional.

Does this mean that the event is completely safe?

Well, not exactly. It means that the measures of the institutions are being met, however, the risk is never 100% gone. There are still things you can do to be extra-safe. The authorities have communicated several tips for the attendants to take precautions.

The first thing you can do is verify that the area where the concert or game will take place does not have high levels of cases. There may be an outbreak in a specific city or area, and if you’re going to a small outdoor concert or college team game, it can be risky to attend.

On the other hand, it is advisable to wear a mask even if you are fully vaccinated. At the very least, in higher-risk areas such as bathrooms or the food line.

If you can choose, buy tickets in the areas where you can be seated, since this helps a bit the distance between people, unlike the areas where you are standing. Avoid being in front of the stage as this is where most people crowd.

It is recommended to keep your distance whenever possible. Maybe in the arena surrounded by people, it is not so easy, but in the line to enter the venue or in the surroundings, remain distanced from other people.

Do not share drinks or food with other people and carry sanitizing gel with you so that you can constantly disinfect your hands.

If you are not fully vaccinated or are immunocompromised, it is advisable to use the mask at all times.

The outcomes indicate that vaccination has allowed these massive events to be carried out safely. Even when COVID-19 cases are registered, they do not require hospitalization. Everything indicates that little by little we will see more concerts and festivals, you can enjoy them and take precautions to stay safe.


Although there are thousands of concerts and world tours scheduled for the next few months, we should not be overconfident. The best thing is to maintain the safety regulations, so the event staff does not ask us to do so.

Keep in mind all the above tips and safely enjoy these events that we miss so much for two years.

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