School during coronavirus

 School during coronavirus

Due to the Coronavirus, many schools all over the world have been shut down and kids have learned what life is like when you are home-schooled. At first, nobody knew how it was going to work, many questions needed answers: will we need our parents to teach us? How will we communicate with the teachers? how will we stay in touch with friends? how will be able to train and get better? will there be tests? Gradually, every school developed a system that was right for them and slowly every child figured out how they could benefit off not going to school. benefits that many children shared were not having to wake up early to get ready, not being judged on what you wear, more time to stay active, some said it was easier to focus, some enjoyed not getting out of bed. However, as much as many people liked it some people just couldn’t stand it. They missed interacting with people, they missed sports, they found it hard to focus and got bored very easily at home. Among the parents, there were also different opinions on homeschooling. Many didn’t like it because their children constantly needed thhelp and attention, but many liked it because they didn’t need to take their kids to school and they could spend more time with them at home. Parents that usually fly abroad a lot enjoy time at home with their kids which seemed very rare to them. overall homeschooling was a different experience for everybody and everybody learnsomething new about themselves and about new learning strategies. I believe everybody has taken something out of this and most people will use it sometime in their life.    


 When my country announced that schools were being shutdown I remember jumping up and down with joy, but a different part of me was sad because I couldn’t see my friends at school anymore and I couldn’t play basketball. At first, I didn’t know what was going to happen, how it was going to work, how many breaks would I get, and if there was going to a be test, but I knew that it was much better than going to school. At first, it was difficult and weird but slowly I built a schedule which I could stick to and I made sure that it involved everything I needed to do: workout, school, homework, alone time and three meals a day. I have taken this as a positive experience which I will never forget and that benefited me in many ways. 




 As soon as the amount of Coronavirus patients started rising, the Israeli government quickly reacted and shut down all schools. Soon enough, everybody was using Zoom to continue their lives whether it was work, sports or school. Gradually after about two months of lockdown and online school, the government came to a decision that they will reopen schools because fewer people were being affected by the virus. Going back to school, there were many rules: always have to wear masks and always trying to practise social distancing. After about three to four weeks the numbers started rising again, and every school which had a coronavirus patient was shut down again. Many middle schools and high schools decided that they would balance online school and usual school that way the number of students at the school would drastically go down and it was easier to practise social distancing. Many students struggled to wear masks all day as it was hot and humid. The government have already announced that Israel will be starting next year online for now.  


 In the UK there was an individual closure school during mid-March, meaning that if the school felt in danger they could shut down, or specific students that were at risk could decide that they wouldn’t attend until it felt safe again. Closer to at the end of March, Boris Johnson declared a nationwide lockdown, so automatically all schools and nurseries were completely shut down. During this time, the British government also cancelled GCSEs and A-levels. The lockdown lasted until June when primary schools and nurseries were able to reopen. However, not all schools felt safe and decided to stay shut until September. In mid- June secondary schools were also able to open for year 10 and 12 attendance was not mandatorily if the child or the parents felt unsafe. The British government are yet to announce what will happen at the beginning of the next school year, currently as it seems schools will start the school year in a completely normal way. 

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 No different from the rest of the world, the Australian state of New South Wales shut down schools in mid-March. As time progressed the educators became more worried about their vulnerable students, as the number of calls to the Child Protective Services had gone down. The educators could no longer guarantee the safety and learning of the children. When times started getting better, around May, it was decided to reopen schools but only for one day per week. this way the teachers could still meet up with the children whilst not being at risk as a minimal number of students would attend each day, certain schools decided to have every grade come into school a different day of the week and others split it alphabetically. The aim was to have about 25% of the students to attend each day, and classes would be kept in sizes of 10 to 15 children. The schools took many precautions with the return such as varied arrival and departure times, different time for lunch breaks, extra cleaning during the day and at night, playground equipment could be used if cleaned after every use and water fountains would be used only to fill up water. Unlike other countries, the school doesn’t require teachers and students to wear a face mask. On May 25th, after familiarizing themselves with returning to school, the government decided it was time to fully reopen schools.   


 Unlike different countries, the Swedish government decided that going into lockdown was too risky for the country’s economy. The Swedish government put the at-risk groups into lockdown whilst everyone else lived their lives, as usual, no safety percussions other than strong social distancing. The schools in Sweden were never shut down as well as sports and everyday activities. Schools didn’t require the children to wear masks and like the rest of the country stayed safe by social distancing.     


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