Should government request green pass to enter mass events?

 Should government request green pass to enter mass events?

More than 18 months later, the concerts and massive events returned. Many assure us that we must thank the Green Pass, Covid Passport, and proof of vaccination. However, many people criticize this measure and claim that governments are taking away their rights. Again we can enjoy seeing our favorite band, attending giant festivals, and rooting for our favorite teams in the stadiums. In many of these cases, only a vaccination test or a recent negative COVID-19 test is required.

This has not been enough to convince people who are still reluctant to get the vaccine.

The restrictions will be less flexible since many countries already require the Green Pass to be able to enter restaurants, hotels, and attend mass events. Negative tests will not be enough and people who are not vaccinated will be limited from enjoying normal life again.

Back in July, when French President Emmanuel Macron announced that all health personnel will be required to be vaccinated, a heated debate began. Today many countries in Europe, Israel, and some cities in the USA are implementing these measures. Many applaud them but many others protest against them.

Should governments be able to control who can go to massive events?

After many months of silence, it seemed that live music would return. However, the Delta variant prevented this for several weeks. We were in a new wave and the most affected were young people. Many concerts and events were rescheduled again. Because of that, in some cities, vaccination was encouraged as a requirement to return to bars, restaurants, and concerts. In September, New York started the Key to NYC Pass program, in which all those who want to attend plays, bars, gyms, stadiums, will be required to prove to be at least partially vaccinated. Similar measures are being taken in other states such as California and Louisiana. People can register their vaccination cards in apps, verify them and generate a QR code that each attendee must show to enter. In other states, primarily Republican governed, these measures are prohibited. No one can be denied assistance, or forced to wear masks.

Some live event organizers such as Live Nation and AEG Presents began demanding vaccination tests as a requirement for all their events from October. The musicians and artists who star in these events have mixed opinions. Eric Clapton has refused to appear at venues where proof of vaccination is required. The guitarist will tour the USA, mostly in the southern states. Singer-songwriter Phoebe Bridgers, on the other hand, only performs outdoors, demands proof of vaccination, and has stopped holding meet and greets with her fans.

The results seem to back with the Green Pass

Since the massive events returned, there have been several festivals and sports competitions. In these, certain measures were taken, although not as strict as the Green Pass. The historic Lollapalooza was held in Grant Park in Chicago, which housed almost 400,000 people for 3 days. The requirements to enter: be vaccinated or a negative COVID test for a maximum of 72 hours. Only around 200 cases of contagion linked to this event were registered.

In the UK the British Grand Prix was held, 350,000 people enjoyed the competition live and only 500 cases could be linked to the Prix. In these examples, most of the infected people were unvaccinated, and none of the cases had led to death or hospitalization.

In countries like Italy, France, and Germany the Green Pass is already a fact
Since August, the Government of Italy declared that this pass is mandatory to enter closed venues and mass events. To obtain the Green Pass, people must verify that they are fully vaccinated. In addition, the use of a mask and distancing is still mandatory. Capacities continue to be reduced within the venues. Some of these measures vary according to region, and although a large part of the population supports it, there have been protests against them.

In France, the measures did not only apply to health workers. Events in open spaces can have 100% capacity and closed venues only 75% with the use of a mask.

In Germany, the federal states have the power to decide the measures to be taken. In the Hamburg region, a Green Pass is required to enter restaurants, museums, hotels, etc. Many people in the community have criticized this measure, as it forces citizens to get vaccinated.

In some of these countries and cities, the concerts are still postponed since there are not enough vaccinated young people to resume attending these events.

Those who are against the Green Pass say that vaccination should be a decision. To demand these measures is to deny the rights of a sector of the population. The authorities assure us that it is the only way to resume a normal lifestyle that we knew before the pandemic and avoid new outbreaks of contagion.

To sum it up: this year we have seen several massive events without major consequences. Although it is possible to continue arguing about whether or not governments should demand the Green Pass, everything indicates that it is already a reality.

We will hardly see large-scale events that do not require this type of controls, so it will surely become the new normal.

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