What Is the Future of Events After COVID-19?

 What Is the Future of Events After COVID-19?

The catastrophic and calamitous effects of coronavirus wouldn’t erase anytime soon. As we were hoping for back-to-normal life with socializing events again, the second waves of the COVID-19 have dissuaded the hopes.

Social distancing measures affected a few industries directly like Aviation, Hospitality, Education, Health, and events industry. The Events industry in particular has suffered from the fears of coronavirus with socializing.

Event organizers are planners and executioners, one thing you can do best is to adapt. Show the flexibility and adaptive skills to get things back on track. It is impossible to predict the future given the uncertainties we’ve seen in recent months.

Here is a snapshot of the Events’ industry that may give you a starting point to rethink and reorganize things better in the future.

Will The Public Respond?

Even if administrative bodies allow socializing and networking, the question remains about the public trust. Be it formal events or informal social events, the fear factor isn’t going to diminish anytime sooner. We’ve seen empty stadiums and arenas around the world with even the biggest of the sporting events. Building public confidence through safety measures will take time as the perception of disease spreading with mass gathering is appalling.

Unmatched Safety Measures:

Thermal scanning, body temperatures, and hand sanitization are going to be a normal procedure in any class of events. The organizers will have to endure extra costs and take the unmatched safety measures with future events.

There will be a lot more emphasis on safety and sanitization arrangements for the participants. Consider a few of the tasks that will become must-haves in your future event planning:

  • Thermal scanners, hand wash, and hand sanitization booths
  • Dedicated measures for cleanliness and hygienic sprays within the event premises
  • Increased and isolated triage in case of medical emergencies

Virtual Events – Is the Right Solution?

We’ve seen an increased number of virtual events in the recent past. Some industries like Education and Marketing have heavily relied on virtual conferencing events. Even the health sector has started experimenting with remote surgeries and telemedicine ideas. Virtual networking may offer valuable remedies but it certainly lacks flexibility.

Informal social gatherings are impossible to arrange with virtual networking. We’ll see increased social events with much widened spacing arrangements. Event organizers will have to allocate bigger venues and open-air spaces for informal social gatherings. Even details like congested and close seating will change for spacious seating plans. We’ll be seeing more of socially distanced social events for the near future.

The virtual meetings trend will keep its presence with formal and business events though. More businesses will be arranging virtual training, conferencing, and client meetings virtually than they normally do. The challenge remains for the privacy and large participant facilitation with reliable networking.

Reduced Delegates and Event Participants:

Inevitably both formal and informal events will see a substantial reduction in the number of attendees. Businesses will be inviting fewer delegates even with traditional events like seminars and promotions. For business events, it also offers a balancing opportunity with careful selection of invitees as the costs would rise significantly.

Local governments and administrations will likely keep the social distancing restrictions for large public gatherings in the near future. The phased return to social events like weddings and music concerts will also follow the trend of reduced and curated participants. It’s going to be a tough choice for the event organizers, a social event without a social gathering and masses? It doesn’t look like a social event. But what’s the same post-Coronavirus anyway?

Hygienic Catering and Food:

Food and catering remain the core of any event with both formal and informal occasions. The event organizers will have to adapt to the best of the hygienic and safety standards with food and catering services.

It wouldn’t be a surprise if we’ll be seeing food supervisors acting like food inspectors in public and informal social gatherings.

Events Will Be More Expensive:

Stricter regulations, higher safety measures, and reduced participants in future gatherings. All it means the costs will rise significantly for the industry. It will further put pressure on an industry with shrinking profits. Even with virtual attendance for formal business events, the organizers will look for dedicated and secure networks.

What’s the Future Scenario?

Governments, Administrations, and event organizers will not be risking public health. Even if social events are allowed soon, they’ll come with strict measures. We’ll see a lot more events going virtual and online such as in education, marketing, and entertainment industry. Businesses will be likely to promote and adapt to a hybrid approach. An ideal approach will be to adapt a decent mix of physical events with reduced participants and continue with online sessions.


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